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Personalised Trophy Centres

Trophy Centres are available in two styles. The Cen1 Economy Centre, where the central image can either be be as shown with a victory torch or indeed most other sporting images.  The Cent2 Special Full Colour Centre allows you to have your centre produced to your own design logo in unlimited colours, all we need is a jpeg image emailing to us and if needed your text for outer perimeter (as shown on example).

This is a great way to enhance your awards making them unique to you.

Cost (each)
Economy Center
Flat = 40p
Domed = 45p

Colours available:
Red/Green/Blue with White background

Special Full Colour Centres to Customer design
Quanity: 50-99
Flat = 51p
Domed = 57p
Label = 32p

Quanity: 100-199
Flat = 42p
Domed = 48p
Label = 32p

Quanity: 200-499
Flat = 40p
Domed = 46p
Label = 32p

Quanity: 500-999
Flat = 23p
Domed = 30p
Label = 32p

Quanity: 1000+
Flat = 20p
Domed = 25p
Label = 32p

Special Custom Design

For other quantities please contact us and we will offer you an immediate quote.

Centers can be produced very simply. Just email us your logo in JPEG format and we will arrange to have this designed onto a 1" (25mm) centre.

You will receive proof of layout for approval prior to production.

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